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The Six Areas Of Your Home Most Likely To Have A Water Damage Problem in Layton

water damage repair layton, water damage cleanup layton, water damage restoration laytonWater damage tends to end up in the same few areas of a home. Focusing your attention and water damage prevention efforts on these areas is your most effective option for keeping water damage at bay. Here are six of these areas from our water damage repair experts at Swift Restore in Layton.

Water Damage Repair In Layton

Around The Toilet

Toilets are notorious for leaking water and causing water damage. It’s important that you check around the base of your toilet often for water buildup. If you notice water pooling around your toilet, it is probably leaking because your toilet has a loose connection to the floor. 

Under The Sink

Among all the potential sources for leaks in a home, sinks are one of the most common. To prevent serious damage from occurring, you should look under your sink often so you can spot the damage from a leak sooner rather than later. The worst case scenario is you never look under your sink and are surprised one day by a major mold and water damage problem. 

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are an extremely important appliance, but they can also cause serious water damage if not maintained properly. The typical lifespan of a hot water heater is 10-15 years so you should be extra cautious with your water heater if it is around that age. Taking the right precautions can save you from costly water damage repair in the future.

Behind The Refrigerator

Because they are constantly pouring water, ice makers make refrigerators vulnerable to flooding.  To see if there is a leak, unplug the appliance and inspect the back of the freezer or freezer to find any water damage on the wall. It’s also possible that there is a small hole in the pipes if they are plastic. To fix this, you may want to replace the tubes with copper pipes. You should also look underneath your refrigerator regularly to spot any water that may be pooling below it. 

Around The Sump Pump

Especially after a big storm, sump pumps can fail and create the risk for basement flooding, if it hasn’t happened already. After repairing the pump, it would be best to schedule annual maintenance and inspect its condition to prevent future failures.

Under The Washing Machine

Washing machines use 15-30 gallons of water in a single load so a leak can have devastating consequences. Make sure that you check under and around your washing machine often for moisture buildup. You should also be vigilant for any damage to your washing machine so you can have it repaired right away before it can lead to any serious water damage problems for you. 

As you focus on the six areas listed above that are most prone to water damage, you should be able to prevent the vast majority of water damage problems in your home. Nonetheless, if you do encounter any water damage in your home don’t waste any time before calling the water damage repair experts at Swift Restore, serving Layton.