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Professional Carpet Cleaning In Ogden

Occasionally, life likes to throw curveballs in our direction and no matter how clean we try to be, unexpected accidents, such ascarpet cleaning ogden pet stains, beverage spills, popsicle drips, and the patter of little feet covered in mud running through the house occur. The carpet in your home should not be a timeline or tapestry for these unsightly accidents or memories. That is why hiring professional carpet cleaning companies are so important. Not only do professional carpet cleaners keep your carpet looking fresh and new but they also remove those pesky carpet odors.

Pet Stains

You love your pets and for most pet owners they are a major part of their family and home. From time to time you may come home to an accident. You can attempt to clean up the stain yourself, but as pet urine dries it crystallizes becoming almost impossible to completely remove from the carpet and carpet padding. If you are present when an accident occurs take a washcloth and baking soda and blot the liquid up immediately. You may have noticed that we used the term “blot” and not “rub”. Blotting a stain means to gently push down or dab at the affected area without moving the washcloth side to side or in circles. Rubbing a stain will cause the liquid to spread and seep deeper into the padding of the carpet. Drying the stain quickly can minimize or even prevent staining. However, you may need professional assistance to remove pet odors and any crystallization that occurred deep within the carpet fibers.

Maintaining Carpet Between Professional Cleanings

Carpets act as giant air filters and collect all kinds of dirt and contaminate’s from the air in your home. When your carpets become full the dirt and contaminate’s stay in the air affecting the quality of the air you and your family are breathing in. Vacuuming your carpet helps to reduce the buildup of dirt, grit, and pet dander. Keep in mind that vacuuming is not a race and should be performed at a slow and steady pace to remove as much dirt and grit as possible. If you do not vacuum on a regular basis grit can build up in the carpet fibers and cause damage to the carpet fibers.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

There comes a point in time when vacuuming and spot cleaning will no longer keep your carpets from appearing dull and feeling dingy. These are four telling signs that indicated it is time for a deep clean from the professionals.

  • There are dirty circles around chairs and furniture legs, deep impressions are discolored.
  • The carpet is no longer as vibrant as it was when it was installed.
  • Your carpet feels stiff, sticky, or has a distinct dirty feel.
  • You are picking up “carpet fuzz” when you vacuum (this is a sign of fiber damage from sharp particles that are breaking down your carpet).

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for any of these obvious signs to schedule a professional cleaning. Your carpets could be professionally cleaned 2-3 times a year.