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Does Your Basement Need Water Damage Repairs? 

water damage repair layton, water damage cleanup layton, professional water damage cleanup laytonUnfinished basements can be a little bit scary. In fact, many people admit that they prefer to ignore that space altogether and only venture down there twice a year; once to bring holiday decorations up and once more to take them back down again. However, basements should not be ignored completely, especially because they are quite often the victim of water damage. If your Layton basement is in need of some water damage repair, call Swift Restoration to give you a consultation. Here are some ways to know if you have a problem. 

Musty Smell

Many basements have a slight musty smell to them, but this doesn’t mean that this is normal or acceptable. If your basement smells a bit off and the air feels a bit thick, there’s a good chance that you either have water damage in your home already or that you could develop some very soon. Mold thrives in spaces with poor ventilation and moist, thick air. If your basement has the smell and the thickness to the air, it is time to invest in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will keep the mold at bay and make your basement not feel so creepy, smelly, or uncomfortable. Also, if you keep your humidity controlled, it’s supposed to keep spiders away. So win-win.


Another telltale sign that you could be in need of water damage repair in your basement is if you have cracks in your walls or foundation. These cracks lead directly to the outside, with nothing between the moisture in the ground and your basement. If there were to be a heavy rainfall or even a sprinkler system left on, your basement could be toast. To avoid future issues, have your foundation repaired and have the whole basement waterproofed. If you do come into your basement and see standing water, contact Swift Restoration right away to get the water pumped out. You may want to consider installing a French drain or a sump pump depending on your type of basement and foundation. 

Sinking Floors

If you have sinking floors in your basement, it could be caused by a few different things and the only sure way to find out what the root of it is to have a professional come look at it. Sinking floors is definitely a sign of water damage in a basement. If water or excessive moisture is left to sit in a basement over time, it can rot away the floor. However, a sinking floor could be an indicator of a foundation issue or some soil erosion. Whatever the issue, it is probably one that you want dealt with, no matter the cause. 

Basements may not be the most fun places to hang out, but they are a very important part of your home since it is basically sitting on the foundation. If you think your basement might need some water damage repair, call a professional today for a consultation.