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4 Steps You Can Take While Waiting For A Water Damage Repair Company

water damage repair layton, water damage laytonWhen water damage strikes your home, every minute is crucial. As more time passes, the damage left by the undesired water increases, so time is of the essence. The first thing you should do is contact a local water damage restoration company. Although most water damage repair companies offer their services to you in a timely matter after contacting them, it is still good to try to do what you can to minimize the damage while you wait. That’s why Swift Restoration and Remodeling, serving Layton and surrounding areas. has compiled a list of 4 water damage repair steps you should take while waiting for professional assistance.

  1. Stop the water at the source, if possible

Unfortunately, sometimes the source of your water damage may be identifiable but unstoppable. After all, it is pretty challenging to make it stop raining. However, in many instances, a source can be identified and water can be prevented from continuing to harm your property if you stop it in a timely manner. For example, If your sprinklers are flooding your basement, turn off your sprinklers. If your dishwasher is overflowing, turn your dishwasher off. In some situations, it may be best to turn off the water to your property entirely. If you cannot readily identify the source of the water, wait for a trained professional to assist you.

  1. Pay attention to safety

Throughout the water damage repair process, it is important that you take safety precautions to prevent harm to yourself and your property. Unplug electronics and move them to eliminate the risk of electrocution and damage to the electronics. Put on a mask to prevent mold and other harmful contaminants from harming you and put on gloves.

  1. Begin to dry the area

The sooner you can start to dry out the affected area, the better. This helps minimize the damage inflicted to your home or business. Open any windows and doors to allow air to circulate. Turn on fans in the area. Begin to mop up water with a towel if it is safe to do so. Although the water repair company you contacted will do the bulk of the drying, beginning the process while you wait for them can prevent further damage.

  1. Throw away any permanently damaged possessions.

One of the unfortunate results of water damage is ruined possessions. Once the drying process is underway, it is time to address the damage the water has done to items you own. Sort through the items the water has contacted, and toss out anything that is irreversibly damaged. Keep in mind that many of your possessions can be saved if dried out properly.

Although these steps can help reverse some of the damage inflicted on your home or business, the damage will still remain despite your best efforts. That’s why it’s important to contact a local water damage repair company as soon as water damage strikes so you can be assisted by them as soon as possible. If you live in or near Layton, Utah, contact Swift Restoration for swift assistance with repairing the water damage inflicted on your home or b