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Water Damage And Basement Bugs

water damage repair layton, water damage laytonTwo things no one ever wants in their basement are water damage and unwanted pests. With that being the case, the two coming at the same time is bad news for you! Unfortunately, excess water and water damage in your basement are likely to invite these insects into your basement. We at Swift Restore in the Layton area want to help you prevent this from happening! One way to do that is to understand the types of bugs likely to appear in your basement if there is excess moisture in it. Below are a few of these types of bugs. We hope if you find these bugs they may be able to point you towards finding any unnoticed water damage in your basement.

Silverfish Or Fish Moths

These are silver in color, as the name suggests, and are about one inch long. They can be difficult to detect at times because they are nocturnal, only coming out at night. Silverfish are attracted to carbohydrates such as sugars and starches. They are also often found in the shower or in piles of clothing.


Centipedes have about 100 feet on average. They are carnivorous and like to eat meet with their tiny jaws. They are attracted to messy rooms and basements.


Earwigs are attracted to rotting trees, vegetation, and the damp cool atmosphere of a basement. Earwigs are most common in the southwest and southwestern regions of the United States. They are nocturnal as well and love to come out to feed on insects and bugs.

Roly-Poly Bugs

These critters love to escape the outside air when it is dry into a damp, cool basement. The name roly-poly comes from their ability to roll into a ball when they are threatened. They also go by the names sow bug, potato bug, and armadillo bug.

Mold Mites

These bugs are also known as cheese mites, if your basement has a moisture problem, mold growth is probable, which attracts mold mites. They are incredibly tiny and feed off mold, including cheese.

No one enjoys unwelcome critters rolling and crawling around in their home. While the presence of bugs may not always indicate water damage within your basement, it is always a wise place to begin looking once you notice any insects. If upon immediate inspection you don’t recognize any water damage or excess moisture, you want to contact a professional cleaning and restoration contractor such as Swift Restore in the Layton area. Our certified professionals will be able to inspect your home for water damage or moisture pockets more thoroughly and will find the problem if there is one. If they find that the bugs are coming as a result of the water damage, you are in luck! They will also be able to begin repairing the damage right away. In most cases, this should lead to the elimination of the bugs after a few days. Don’t put up with unwelcome critters or insects anymore and contact a cleaning and restoration contractor within your area today!