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Get Quick Water Damage Repair And Protect Your Health

water damage layton, water damage repair layton, water damage restoration laytonOne of the often-overlooked considerations about water damage is that it can have detrimental effects on your health. To avoid suffering any negative health problems from a flood, it is important that you know what health hazards to look out for. From our water damage repair experts at Swift Restore in Utah, below are four of the most common health hazards after a flood.

Water Damage Repair in Layton

Common Water Damage Health Hazards

  •         Contaminated Water Damage
  •         Mold Growth
  •         Structural Damage
  •         Unwanted Pests & Critters

Contaminated Water

Contaminated floodwater is one of the worst hazards that you can deal with during a flood. Floodwater usually contains some degree of contaminants that pose a hazard to your health. There are three different degrees of contaminated water. The first of which is clean water. Clean water is floodwater that contains no bacteria or microorganisms and is safe to be in contact with. Gray water is floodwater that contains a moderate degree of contamination. An example of this is a toilet bowl overflowing with water that contains urine but not feces. Black water is floodwater that contains raw sewage or harsh chemicals. Black water is extremely dangerous and you should avoid contact with it at all costs. Contact with black water can lead to serious diseases like hepatitis, cryptosporidiosis, gastroenteritis, giardiasis, leptospirosis, and others.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is an often unavoidable consequence of water damage. Because mold can begin growing so quickly after a flood (24-48 hours) it is critically important that you begin cleaning up the damage from a flood as soon as possible. Fortunately, mold growth usually doesn’t lead to mold growth soon after a flood. It takes at least a few days for the mold to spread throughout the home before it can be abundant enough to affect your health. If mold does affect your health, the most common issues are respiratory problems such as coughing, sneezing, sore throats, etc.

Structural Damage

Sometimes, but not always, water damage may cause structural damage to your home. This is most dangerous when the damage is significant but not readily visible. This is dangerous because parts of your home may be prone to collapsing without warning. While you may not know what to look for, a professional cleaning and water damage repair technician will. As a result, you will be safer and your home can receive the work it needs to repair the structural damage.

Unwanted Pests & Critters

Last of all, a flooded home is an open invitation for all kinds of pests and rodents like bees, termites, cockroaches, and rats. These unwanted critters are often carriers of disease and dangerous bacteria. The key to avoiding this is beginning the cleaning and water damage repair process as soon as possible after a flood. The sooner the water is removed from your home, the less likely it is that these critters will find their way into your home.

The best way to avoid these threats to your health is to simply avoid the water damage as much as you can. Thus, to keep yourself safe, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Swift Restore in Utah for help. Our professional restoration experts know how to perform expert water damage repair in Layton.