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Utah Disaster Cleanup and What You Should Know

house on fireIf you are in need of Utah disaster cleanup after a flood, fire, or other type of disaster, Swift Restoration in Ogden can help. Utah disasters can vary in size and scope, but when it comes to cleanup there are a few things to know and understand.

Utah Disaster Cleanup Services in Ogden

No one ever wants to require the services of a Utah disaster cleanup professional, but if and when you do, you should know the steps to take, who to call, and what you should or shouldn’t do to prevent additional damage from occurring. If your property has suffered damage from water damage, fire damage, or a natural disaster, these are the things you should know and do before our Utah disaster cleanup technician arrives.

  • Never enter your home or commercial property if it is unsafe to do so. Check for structural damage and other risks that may make it dangerous to enter.
  • If utilities were turned off, do not turn them back on until they are cleared for safety by the utility company.
  • Turn off the power if it is not already, and unplug and move electrical appliances that may be damaged. Damaged electronics may be recovered, so do not throw them out.
  • Do not try to clean water or smoke damaged fabrics, clothing, bedding or upholstered furniture, as doing so may cause permanent damage.
  • You should contact your insurance company and start a claim. We will work with your insurance company¬†on the loss.

Water Damage Disaster Cleanup

There are several types of water damage and each have their own set of rules for cleanup and disinfecting. In Utah, disaster cleanup may be necessary after a flood or natural disaster, sewage backup, or a faulty appliance or broken pipe in your home.

The level of contamination present in the water determines the level of cleanup necessary. Clean water from a broken pipe or appliance generally does not require additional disinfecting, where grey water or sewage water requires additional steps to remove harmful contaminants so it is again safe for you and your family.

Ogden, Utah Disaster Cleanup Services

Swift Restoration provides disaster cleanup services in Ogden and surrounding areas. If you are in need of disaster cleanup services, call us today. It is important not to delay, as additional damage can occur if water or smoke remain present.