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Sewage Damage Cleanup in Ogden, UT

water damageSewage damage is not something that anyone wants to experience, and it often happens without warning. Sewage damage can cause extensive damage to your Ogden home or commercial property, and sewage cleanup should be handled with extreme caution to protect the health of those performing the cleanup and those who live or work in the building.

Sewage does not always mean raw sewage from a broken sewer line or sewage backflow into your property, but can also include contaminated floodwaters and any other type of water damage that involves seriously contaminated water. Because these waters can carry bacteria, parasites and viruses it is important that cleanup is handled by a professional with specific training for sewage damage cleanup.

What Should I Know About Sewage Damage?

If your Ogden, UT home or business is affected by sewage, you should know and understand the hazards present and take necessary precautions to protect yourself, your family or your employees from the harmful contaminants present in sewage. Sewage carries various diseases, and for those not properly protected, can cause significant harm or illness.

Those with weakened immune systems should avoid any contact with sewage water, as well as those who do not have up to date vaccinations. If your property is damaged by sewage, it will be safer for those people to vacate the building until cleanup is complete.

Sewage Damage and Water Damage Cleanup

As with all water damage events, sewage damage will continue to cause secondary damage the longer the water is present. There is an increased risk of mold growth, a greater risk of other areas being contaminated, and the possibility for structural damage until cleanup is complete.

Many porous items cannot be cleaned following sewage damage and will need to be disposed of safely and replaced. This may include carpeting, carpet pads, mattresses, saturated drywall, insulation and other items that cannot be properly cleaned. A professional restoration company dealing with sewage damage will be able to provide guidance on which items can and cannot be salvaged following sewage damage.

Why Hire a Professional for Sewage Damage Cleanup?

If your home is damaged from sewage, hiring a professional to handle the disposal of contaminated materials and the cleaning and restoration of your property is the only way to protect your own health and to ensure the area is clean and safe for your family or your employees. A restoration company will have all the tools necessary to quickly and effectively cleanup sewage damage and restore your property to pre-loss condition.

At Swift Restoration and Cleaning, our experienced technicians have specialized training to handle the removal and cleanup of sewage and sewage-damaged items. Serving Ogden, UT and the surrounding areas, Swift Restoration and Cleaning provides emergency response for sewage damage and other water damage emergencies.