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Recent fire? Not sure what to do next? Let us help

Did you know that there are different kinds of smoke and soot residues involved in a fire? Wet smoke is caused by low smoldering heat, has a pungent odor, and sticky smoke webs that are more difficult to clean. Dry smoke is caused by fast burning at high temperatures. Protein, which is virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes and has an extremely pungent odor. Fuel oil soot is caused when the furnace puffs back, leaving a mess to clean up.

Different types of smoke residues require different methods of cleaning to remove the residue and odor left behind after a fire. With that in mind it is absolutely necessary to contact us at Swift Restoration and Cleaning after a fire to remove smoke residues and smoke odors.

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Our professionals will be able identify materials in your home that can be cleaned or restored, and which have sustained permanent damage that will require the material or item to be replaced. We know the most effective cleaning methods, and can restore your property after a fire loss. Our professionals are trained and we are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to restore your property after smoke damage.

During a fire toxic chemicals can be released from various building materials as they heat up or burn including things like like solvents, glues, and other items included in the structure that can make cleanup after a fire potentially dangerous. We here at Swift Restoration and Cleaning can handle the cleanup and restoration of your property after a fire, and have the equipment and experience to identify and remove any hazards that may be present in your home.

Swift Restoration Can Help!

Fire and Smoke damage can be devastating and stressful – let us here at Swift Restoration and Cleaning in Layton help you in this difficult time. Remember we are here 24/7 and have emergency technicians on-call whenever you need us. Contact us today.