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Preventing Winter Water Damage in Ogden

Amidst your activities of making hot chocolate, constructing snowmen, and exhausting yourself sledding and snowboarding, be sure to add home winterization to your list of things to do in Ogden. Just like winter time brings great opportunities for fun, it also brings a lot of opportunity for winter water damage. Water damage cleanup can be a stressful thing to undergo, especially during the winter holiday season. Take a look at these tips to prevent water damage this winter, so you can enjoy a warm, worry-free end of the year.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the leading causes of winter water damage. Frozen pipes have a high chance of bursting, which can lead to other significant cases of water damage throughout your home. The following tips can help to safeguard your home.

  • Disconnect all gardening hoses and turn off hose water supply inside. Then, lift the hose up to drain any standing water.
  • ALWAYS keep your house temperature at 65 degrees or warmer. Even if you will only be gone for a day or two, your quick trip might end on the doorstep of your cold and soggy house.
  • Open cabinet doors to equalize temperature and allow heat from the home to circulate around exposed pipes.
  • Wrap pipes nearest the exterior wall with heat tape or pipe insulation. Adequate insulation is key for desired pipe temperature.
  • Seal cracks in windows, crawl spaces, and all areas close to pipes to maintain a warm temperature.
  • If you plan to be away for an extended period of time, shut off water supply valves to your washing machine.
  • During the winter months, allow a faucet to drip warm water to minimize freezing and provide an “escape route.”
  • Regularly check pipes in unheated areas. Freezing increases exponentially the closer pipes are to an exterior wall.

Preventing Ice Dams

ice dam ogdenOne thing that many homeowners in Utah dread is the formation of ice dams. Ice dams are caused when warm air from a high ceiling or attic heats the roof to melt enough to slide down to cooler portions of the roof. If they are not removed quickly, water can be forced underneath the shingles, creating significant water damage that can be costly. While you can’t stop a snowfall, there are a few other ways to prevent the formation of ice dams on your roof.

The first option is to prevent uneven heating by reducing the amount of hot air in the attic. This typically involves sealing air leaks in the attic floor. By lowering the temperature in your attic, snow has the opportunity to gradually and evenly melt off your roof.

Another way to protect your home from ice dams and the following water damage is to install an ice and water shield along your roof eaves. Experienced roofing contractors can typically perform this service for you. New building codes sometimes require (depending on state and city) these protective membranes. However, if your house is older, this may be your ticket to a roof free of ice dams.

If you do have problems with ice dams this winter, follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • Do not use an axe, hammer, chisel, or other sharp tool. Although tempting, this can easily cause lasting damage to your roof.
  • If water is leaking through your roof, trying blowing cold air from a box fan to refreeze water. This is a great way to temporarily stop leaks as you wait for professional assistance.
  • Use an ice dam rake to brush off pooled snow and ice. They are available on Amazon of your local hardware store.

If you do experience water damage this winter, call Swift Restoration and Cleaning in Ogden, Utah. We will quickly restore your home and prevent any further damage from occurring to guarantee you safe and warm winter months!