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On no! My Layton Basement Flooded!

Dealing with a flooded basement in Layton is not something a Layton homeowner wants to deal with. But when it happens do you know what steps you should take to remedy the disaster? Apart from calling Swift Restoration and Cleaning to help you deal with a flooded basement in Layton, here are a few tips that you can do on your own before calling in the professionals.

flooded window well

Fast Response

When you discover that your Layton basement has flooded it is crucial that you act fast. Don’t enter the water without the proper gear and turn on the electricity to the basement first! The last thing you want to do is become a fried shish kebab.

Find the Source

It should be easy to find out where the water is coming from. It may be coming in through a window, a crack in the wall, floor seams or from a broken appliance. If you can cut off the water source now would be the time to do so. If you can deter the water from flooding into the basement (sandbags for outside flooding, etc.) do so. If you can’t deflect the water from coming into the basement, mopping up the water won’t do you much good.

Remove Personal Belongings

If you have any items that are in the basement that you can remove pick them up and dry them off as best as possible. Placing water damaged items in an area with good ventilation may help prevent secondary damage like mold. This will also help you create a clutter free area.

These are just a few do-it-yourself tips that you can utilize. It is highly recommended that you call in professionals if the flooding in your basement is excessive or if you have a carpeted basement. Swift Restoration and Cleaning has highly trained experts and equipment that can remove any water and resolve any Layton flooded basement damage.