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Not all floods are equal in Ogden

flood damage ogden

Ogden has been seeing quite a bit of rain recently and when Ogden experiences heavy rainfall there is a possibility that there will be a flood.  Some floods in Ogden take their time to develop, while others such as flash floods, can develop in the blink of an eye.  Swift Restoration is here to share some expert knowledge on how to prepare for flash floods in Ogden, Utah.

Flash floods can happen within a few moment to hours during heavy rainfall, a dam failure, or through any other sudden release of water. Rocks, mud and other debris usually cause damage while being swept away in fast moving waters.

Is your Ogden home prepared for a flash flood?

If you haven’t experienced a flood consider yourself lucky. Most homeowners will experience a flood, big or small, at some point in their lifetime.

Every community should have flood-hazard maps. You can click here to access the flood-hazard map for Weber County. Flood-hazard maps are a great tool to utilize when you are determining what kind of flood insurance coverage you will need.

But that is not all you will need to do to prepare for a flash flood in Ogden. Follow the tips provided below to prepare for any kind of flood in Ogden.

Flood Preparedness Tips:

  • Create an emergency kit. Your emergency kit should include a first aid kit, canned food and a can opener, bottle water, clothing, rubber boots and gloves, a flashlight, spare batteries, battery powered radio, evacuation map, emergency contact numbers.
  • Create an action plan. Sit down with your family or any other residents in your home and create and evacuation plan.
  • Check your drains. If you have any floor drains in your basement make sure they are not clogged and are in working order.
  • Waterproof Walls. If possible, you should consider sealing your basement walls with waterproofing compounds.
  • Keep Important Document Safe! Invest in a water proof safe to store any important documents in.

If you are suffering from water damage in Ogden from a flash flood call Swift Restoration now! Our certified technicians are available 24/7, any day of the week, to help you with your water damage cleanup needs in Ogden.