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Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Kitchen Design Ogden, Kitchen Remodel Ogden, New Kitchen Design OgdenAt Swift Restoration, we truly believe that your home is where your heart is and your kitchen is the soul. It’s a place to gather with family and friends, a place for experimental recipes and family traditions, the place we go for quiet contemplation and where we impart wisdom to your children. Who wants to have these experiences in a kitchen that doesn’t pull on your heart strings? Here are four kitchen design ideas to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Lighten up the mood of the room

Dark cabinetry and wall colors can make a room seem even smaller and cramped than it really is. Consider updating your kitchen with a color scheme that makes your kitchen feel more open and spacious. For example, you may want a dark cherry finish for your cabinetry and a light complimentary beige or off white for your trim and walls.

Updating old light fixtures to new energy efficient fixtures can also improve the mood of your kitchen. The right amount of lighting will help make a small kitchen seem more roomy, not to mention you can save on the power bill. To take those savings one step further, place LED light bars under cabinets and shelving. LED lights are more efficient and have a longer shelf life, saving you money over time.

Hang up Your Pots and Pans

Pots and pans can take up a lot of cabinet space, especially those 5 – 10 gallon cooking pots we use for family get-togethers. Consider using a pot rack to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling in an organized manner. If you do not have the space for a hanging pot rack try using a smaller unit that attaches to the wall. Both suggestions will help you save on storage space and incorporates your pots and pans into the design of your new kitchen.

Be Bold with a Back Splash

You may spend a good chunk of your day in your kitchen and a boring kitchen can definitely dampen your mood. Let your personality shine through by adding some personal touches here and there. Adding a bold back splash can add new life to your kitchen and allow your personality to shine through without losing the overall feel you want for your kitchen. Add a back splash behind your stove, sink, or under wall cabinetry. There are hundreds of colors and patterns you can choose to create the perfect back splash.

Add Extra Storage

Try adding an extra shelf above your sink or between cabinetry for stacking dishes or displaying a collection of your favorite treasures. Don’t be afraid to use small nooks and crannies for hidden storage. Before you start any kitchen remodeling process you should plan out your storage space in advance. There is nothing worse than running out of room for your small appliances, dishes, or knick knacks.

Dream big, set a budget, and let Swift Remodeling help you design the kitchen that speaks to your soul.