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6 Tips From Kitchen Design Experts

Designing a new kitchenkitchen design ogden, kitchen renovation ogden, kitchen remodel ogden is a huge step. Renovations are costly, and you will deal with the results for years to come. Thus, getting it right the first time is worth all the extra time and effort that it takes to do so. Here are six tips on doing this from our kitchen design experts at Swift Restoration and Remodeling in Ogden, Utah.  

Make Room For Storage

One thing that is easy to underestimate is how much is how much storage you need in your kitchen. With all your belongings, any storage you have can fill up quickly so it never hurts to install as much storage space as possible. You can design your storage space in a way that it is aesthetically appealing so all the extra storage space doesn’t have to detract from how your kitchen looks. 

Consider The Pros And Cons Of Different Counter Surfaces

One of the most difficult aspects of renovating a kitchen is choosing which type of counter surface to use. There are many different options for counter surfaces, each with their own pros and cons. One common choice for counter surfaces is granite. Granite is durable, appealing, and easy to clean. However, it is on the higher end of the price spectrum for countertops. Just make sure that you do your own research ahead of time so that you know exactly what type of countertop is right for you. 

Start Fresh

While it may increase your renovation costs somewhat, installing new appliances during a a new kitchen design is a great way to make your kitchen look and feel new. Buying new appliances to do this also allows you to match them with the kitchen design choices.  

Safety Comes First

Make your kitchen as safe and family-friendly as possible by planning for good visibility to backyard and indoor play areas from the cooking area, suggests Dorothy Bell, a home safety expert. Also consider such safety-conscious elements as rounded countertops, slip-resistant flooring and ovens located at adult height to minimize the chances of accidental burns.

Consider Your Flooring Options

Like countertops, choosing a type of flooring can be tricky since there are so many different options. Popular choices include hardwood, laminate, and stone flooring. You’ll want to take factors like slipperiness, maintenance, longevity, and cost into account. 

Hide Your Trash Cans

Trash cans don’t really look appealing anywhere you might put them. Thus, designing your kitchen so that your  trash cans are naturally built in and hidden when not in use is one way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 

Experienced Kitchen Design In Ogden

While these are just a few ideas to help with kitchen design plans, we hope you find these helpful! The next time you plan on designing your kitchen, don’t try to go at it alone. Give us a call at Swift Restoration and Remodeling in Ogden so our renovation professionals can help you throughout the entire process. We understand that your home is important to you, and that you want it to feel like your own, and so we will be able to help make your dreams come true, without a lot of hassle.