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Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Prepared Home

Cold weather is upon us and it’s time to give your home’s exterior a once-over to make sure it is winter ready. There are ways to spot the problem areas in your home’s exterior before the ceilings start to drip or the basement floods.

Make sure you clean your gutters! An overflowing gutter is going to send water up and over the edge and possibly into your home. Even if the water doesn’t make it inside the house, it can still do some serious damage.
Make sure your gutters are directing water away from your home.

Clean your roof completely to remove the past accumulation of dirt, debris and leaves. Inspect the roof during the cleaning process to identify areas were shingles are missing or damaged. If your roof isn’t thoroughly cleaned the excess debris and weight may stress the roof causing damage.

Inspect windows to ensure the glass is in good condition and secure in the window frame. Windows can lose a tremendous amount of heat. Hang plastic over windows or use shrink-wrap. Plastic sheeting placed over the inside of the window, if performed with care, doesn’t look that bad and will significantly lower heating costs.

The easiest, most reliable method to ensure your insulation is up to keeping you warm is to have an energy audit performed. Some utility companies offer courtesy energy audits, or you can hire a professional. While adding insulation, if necessary, may prove the most costly step of your home winterization, you won’t have to do it again anytime soon.

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