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Frequent Causes of Basement Water Damage

water damageIt’s shouldn’t be a surprise that water damage frequently occurs in the basement of homes. It is the lowest level of the home, there are several sources for the water come from, and it is sometimes an area that is not frequently visited, so signs of water damage are sometimes missed until it’s too late.

Addressing the common causes of basement flooding in Layton can help prevent a disaster and the need for a water damage repair company to come to your home to extract the water and dry your basement. Basement water damage can result in thousands of dollars in losses, especially if appliances are involved or if your basement is finished or used for storage.

Check You Gutters

Clogged gutters will cause rainwater to overflow and run straight down to the foundation of your home. When water pools or inundates the ground near your foundation, water can seep in through cracks or find other ways to enter your basement. Keeping your gutters clear can help prevent water damage and basement flooding.

You should also make sure that your gutter downspouts are angled away from your home and are effectively dispelling water away from the foundation. Add an extension to push the water out further from your foundation.

Look At Your Landscaping

If your landscaping is not helping to drive water away from your home, you may find water in your basement during heavy rain or even when watering your yard. Your yard should slope out and down away from your home, so when it rains most of that water will run down the slope and away from your foundation.

Over time landscaping changes and erosion can affect the landscape of your yard. Check the slope away from your home and make sure there are no low areas that should be filled to prevent basement flooding.

Check Appliances

Basements are common places for things like washing machines and water heaters, and unfortunately these are also common sources of water damage. Check your washing machine supply lines regularly for signs of wear, and check around the water heater for any signs of water damage. A working sump pump and water alarms can help alert you in the event of a leak or flooding in your basement.

Water Damage Cleanup in Layton

Swift Restoration & Cleaning provides emergency water damage repair for flooded basements in Layton and surrounding communities. Contact us today if you have experienced a flooded basement or would like more information about our services.