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Four Tips For Keeping Your Basement From Flooding

ogden flood damage cleanupThe basement is the most susceptible area of any home to flooding. Multiple different factors like humidity, gravity, temperature, and infrastructure all contribute to the increased likelihood of experiencing water damage in your basement. To help you prevent such a disaster, here are four tips from our flood damage cleanup professionals at Swift Restoration In Ogden.

Flood Damage Cleanup In Ogden

Take Care Of Your Gutters

Quality rain gutters are one of your first lines of defense against flood damage in your basement. Rain gutters are designed to direct water away from your home during a rain storm to prevent water from pooling around your home and flooding your basement. Regular rain gutter maintenance is essential for preventing this from happening. This means hopping on a ladder every couple of months to clear all the leaves and gunk out of your rain gutters. Without doing this you leave your gutters vulnerable to overflowing with water that will pool around your home. Additionally, make sure that the downspouts on your gutters are pointed at least 5-10 feet away from your home so the runoff water doesn’t end up pooling around your home.

Invest In A Quality Dehumidifier

Ideally, you’ll want a dehumidifier that has 65 plus pint per day capacity. In the humid months of the year it is best to run it 24/7. For convenience, buy one with an optional drain hose. That way the water will just drain automatically without you having to go through the hassle of draining the dehumidifier each time it gets full. 

Install A Sump Pump

Check your sump pump regularly to make sure it is clear of debris and blockage. If your sump pump is portable, make sure it is positioned in the lowest part of your basement and is connected to a power source. You may also want to consider having a reliable backup generator to hook up the sump pump. Otherwise a disaster may wipe out your main power source and render your sump pump useless. All in all, taking these preventative steps is extremely important since having a working sump pump is one of the most important resources you can have if your basement ever floods. Talk about saving on potential future flood damage cleanup costs.

Inspect Your Foundation and Repair Any Cracks Or Weak Spots

Your home’s foundation is one of its most vulnerable access points for water to make its way down into the basement. Over time, the foundation can shift and crack which can create weak spots through which water can leak through down into the basement. 

While basements may be the most susceptible area of a home to water damage, that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent water damage from occurring. By following the simple tips listed above, you will be able to prevent the vast majority of water damage threats in your basement. Nonetheless, if damage does still occur, give the flood damage cleanup experts at Swift Restoration in Ogden a call for help as soon as possible.