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What Happens When Frozen Pipes Burst?

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In the Ogden, Utah area, frozen pipes are pretty much an expected occurrence during the winter months. Of course, everybody tries to do their part in preventing frozen pipes, but they happen. In many cases, frozen pipes will require the help of a plumber so that the pipes can get thawed out and the water can be used again. But there are cases where major flood damage happens due to frozen pipes bursting or breaking.

When should I call a flood damage company?

It doesn’t make any sense to call a flood damage company when a flood has not happened. If pipes are frozen, water damage restoration companies can’t help. They are around for water damage emergencies, but thawing frozen pipes is not one of them. For that, you’ll require the help of a plumbing company.

If frozen pipe bursts, or breaks open, that is when you will want to get a professional flood damage company involved. Flood damage repairs should be started immediately after a water damage situation. Floods can cause all kinds of major structural damage to any property and if the restoration and cleanup process is not started right away, the extent of the damage grows.

What does flood restoration include?

Flood restoration services are pretty straight across the board. When a flood damage company is called, they will immediately send a team of professionals to the scene to assess the damage. After they know the extent of the damage, they can plan a course of action for repairs and restoration. This will include:

Water Extraction – If any standing water has pooled up, it will need to be extracted. Your flood damage company will have equipment big enough for any size job and will be able to successfully extract pools of water.

Drying Water Damaged Areas – Big dehumidifiers and other drying equipment will be brought in to quickly dry out the damaged area. Trying to dry a water damaged area yourself is not recommended. They drying needs to happen fast so that mold doesn’t set in.

Flood Repairs And Restoration – After the drying process, the damage can be restored. Any part of the structure that was damaged will be restored.

Ogden Professionals

In Ogden, Swift Restoration offers major flood damage repair and restoration services 24/7. Our team is available day or night because we know that frozen pipes can burst at any moment. We want to be the flood damage company that you think of in your time of need.

If you are suffering from burst or frozen pipes, or have any type of flood damage that requires immediate repairs and restoration – we are here for you!

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