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How To Prevent Basement Flooding From A Storm

flood cleanup layton, flood damage laytonHopefully the term “flooded basement” doesn’t trigger PTSD, because basement flooding in the Layton area is not a rare occurrence. With the onslaught of summer rains, the likelihood that your basement may flood increases. In order to prevent a potential mishap, we’ve compiled a list of reliable tips and tricks to ensure your basement remains clean and dry this summer.

Clean Gutters Regularly
Since gutters aren’t visible from the ground, we as homeowners often neglect them. Over time, leaves and dirt act like a dam and block water from flowing. Since the purpose of a rain gutter is to direct rainwater away from the house, water seeps out over the edge and into the home’s foundation. To accomplish the recommended yearly cleaning, you can buy a gutter cleaner
from a hardware store or use a ladder to scoop out debris by hand.

Check for Foundation Leaks
The most common causes of basement leaks are from compromised foundations. Visible cracks should be taken care of immediately. The type of repair depends on the location and severity. Some minor cracks can be closed with a line of caulk, while others will require professional help.

Examine Windows
If you have wooden frames in your basement, check for internal rotting. This easily allows water to seep in, especially during a storm. Consider replacing older window frames with aluminum or vinyl, which will withstand deterioration for much longer and provide a firm structure for basement windows.

Take Care Of Blocked Sewer Lines
Some homeowners face the problem of poor connection between sewer lines in the home and the main sewer pipe in the street. If that sounds familiar, you may be at risk for a basement flood. This poor connection causes a back-up which can result in a flooded basement. In some situations, the city holds the responsibility for clearing clogged pipes. If you’re in charge of that,
hire a contractor to clean it for you to ensure a quality job and the prevention of a flood in the future.

Consider Installing A Sump Pump
If basement flooding has been a consistent problem, consider purchasing a sump pump. This is an especially good investment if your home sits below the water table. A sump pump is a small pump that sits at the lowest part of a crawlspace or basements and bails out excess water to prevent flooding. They last about ten years and are typically constructed in specially-designed
sump pits.

If A Flood Still Happens
Even with meticulous preparation, flooding can still happen. If completed on your own, the cleaning and restoration process can take weeks or months. It will involve countless YouTube searches, long nights, and a hefty amount spent on drying equipment. Swift Restoration in Layton is a reputable company in the flood cleanup industry. If a summer rainstorm causes a
basement flood in your home, give us a call. The remediation process doesn’t need to be a nightmare. It can be done quickly and efficiently so your home is effortlessly back to normal.