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Flood Cleanup: How Does It Work?

flood cleanup layton, flood damage restoration layton, flood damage repair laytonPersonally, when I hear the word “flood,” I picture an overflowing river or a heavy rainstorm that causes a flash flood. They are common enough. All it takes is one big rainstorm for water to build up and enter your home. You are most affected by these floods if you have a basement. These aren’t the only types of floods however. In a place that becomes very cold in the winter, such as in Layton, UT or surrounding areas, pipes freeze and burst, causing a flood and water damage in that way. Additionally, right inside your own home, appliances can malfunction and cause a flood or a sink/bathtub can overflow and flood your home. The point is, floods can occur in a variety of ways, but they can all be taken care of. 

Flood Cleanup In Layton

Step One

Flooding is never a joyful experience. In fact, it’s usually stressful and may cause anxiety. It is your home that is at stake, along with all your belongings. It costs money to fix up and restore what has been damaged. On a positive note, it can be taken care of in a few simple steps. When flooding occurs, it most often will be far too big a job for you to clean on your own. It can even become dangerous to clean on your own. If the damage isn’t cleaned up properly, mold could start growing, and some belongings and even parts of your house that were touched by the flood could start to weaken and deteriorate. The best course of action is to seek out professional help from a flood cleanup expert. Before that however, your very first step should always be about safety. Make sure you and your family are in a safe situation by ensuring the electricity is turned off. 

Step Two

The next course of action is to call a flood cleanup professional. Most cleanup companies are available 24/7 so they are available to help any hour of the day when you need them. They are certified and skilled in ensuring that the flood cleanup is done in such a way that your home and belongings are back to their original condition. As well, they are able to disinfect to make sure that mold does not start to grow or other pathogens are left that may have been around to contaminate your home. For example, drywall is like a sponge and even after it is completely dried out, it can still be contaminated. They go through a multi-step process of removing the water, drying, and disinfecting. 

Step Three

While you wait for the flood cleanup professionals at Swift Restore to arrive, there are a few things you can do to begin the drying process. You can start by opening doors and windows to allow fresh air to come in. If there are specific belongings that are important to you and can be easily and safely removed so they are not in harm’s way, you can do that. Lastly, in order to ensure water doesn’t pool up and sit around for a while, you can put towels down if the water is minimal enough, or you can start removing the water with buckets or even a shot vac. These are a few ways you can  help in your cleanup process that will make a big difference. From there, the flood cleanup professionals will finish the job, making your life much easier.