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Your Step-By-Step Guide For Surviving A Flooded Home

Flooding is a serious problem thousands of homeowners encounter each year. Taking on the mess and devastation left in the wake of a flood can be an intimidating process. To help you be prepared to deal with a flood if it ever happens to you, below is a simple guide for what you should do after a flood from our restoration experts at Swift Restoration in Layton

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Put Safety First

Cleaning up a flood can be quite dangerous at times. Your health and well-being is not worth risking to speed up the cleanup process. Some of the most important safety concerns to be aware of are contaminated water, structural damage, and mold. Unless you are absolutely certain that what you are doing is safe, don’t risk jumping in and cleaning up the damage. We at Swift Restoration are just one call away from taking care of all of that for you. 

Remove Your Possessions From The Flooded Zones

If it is safe to do so, you should remove your possessions from the flooded areas. The longer they sit in the floodwater and moist atmosphere, the greater the likelihood is that they will be severely, and potentially irreversibly, damaged. 

Remove The Water Floodwater ASAP

Effective flood and water damage cleanup is contingent on the restoration process beginning quickly. After safety, this is your number one priority. Every hour longer that floodwater remains in your home, the overall damage gradually increases. Speed is everything when it comes to this aspect of the restoration process.  

Dry Out Remaining Moisture ASAP

Simply removing the water from your home isn’t enough. It is also essential that you quickly dry out the remaining moisture left behind by the floodwater. Although this moisture isn’t as prominent as pools of water in your home, it can still be very destructive. It usually causes damage by promoting mold growth that eventually spreads throughout your home. 

Document Everything

No one enjoys working with their insurance company. However, everyone enjoys receiving the compensation necessary to cover the damage. The best way to ensure that you receive the full insurance claim you deserve is to meticulously document the before and after condition of your home and possessions. Ideally, you will already have photos of your valuable possessions for the flood as a point of comparison to their state after the flood. If not, though, making a clear and comprehensive inventory of your possessions and the damage caused by the flood will be extremely helpful in getting you the claim you deserve. 

Call The Professionals 

Each of the things mentioned in the post are very important elements of the water damage restoration process. The most important thing you can do, however, is to contact a professional cleaning and restoration company for help. With their years of experience and equipment designed specifically for water damage restoration they will help you navigate all the difficulties of a flood while minimizing the overall you have to deal with. Our team at Swift Restoration in Layton is one such company ready to help with flood damage cleanup.