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What to do after a flood

There are a lot of things that need taken care of following a house flood in your Layton establishment, and it can be completely overwhelming when trying to decide how to respond. We at Swift Restoration provided a list to help you respond quickly, keep water damage to a minimum, and make the cleanup and restoration process run as smoothly as possible after suffering from a flood.

1. Safety

After a flood, it is important to assess the surrounding area and situation for anything that could cause harm. If there is more than an inch of standing water, turn off all power and gas in the room. Appliances and electricity in a flooded room pose serious risks of electrical shock. Other health risks are also associated with floodwater. Water from floods is considered Category 2 Gray Water. It can contain harmful chemicals and pathogens, so it is important to not let it come in direct contact with your skin. If you are unsure if there is electricity in the flooded room or if the water is contaminated, it is best to stay away from the area until trained professionals arrive on the scene. Remember safety first, so when in doubt, stay out.

2. Insurance

If you have flood insurance, contact your insurance adjuster immediately. Not all homeowners policies cover damage from flooding, so it is important to know what our policy covers. Additional flood insurance protection can be purchased if it is not already covered in your policy. A flood or water damage insurance claim will need to be filed as soon as possible. Take photos of and make a list of all items that have sustained damage.

3. Belongings

 If you have furniture, rugs, bedding, etc in the area where water damage occurred, move it out. It will be easier to clean and dry out these items when removed from the flooded area, and it will allow room for carpet to be pulled up and dried or replaced if necessary. Any paper good, photographs, or other valuable documents will need to be removed and dried out to salvage as much as possible. Items that have sustained water damage and are still salvageable will need to have thorough cleaning to ensure all moisture, possible mold, and other contaminants have been removed.

4. Help

There is no need to try to go about this whole process on your own. By calling a water restoration company, you can ensure your home and belongings will be in the best care. Flood damage cleanup requires immediate action. Restoration teams use advanced drying equipment and techniques to thoroughly dry out the area, and dehumidify the home to prevent mold growth. They will take care of removing carpet, drywall, and any other parts of your home that need repaired or replaced, and get your home back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Swift Restoration and Cleaning provides emergency flood cleanup services to Layton and surrounding areas. Immediate response, prompt action, years of experience, and a highly proficient staff makes our team more than qualified to help recover and restore your property following a flood.