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Emergency Fire Damage Services in Ogden

Fire Damage cleanup in Ogden, UtahWhenever there is a fire, there are usually three things to consider—there is damage from the fire itself, soot and smoke residues, and water damage from firefighting efforts. These three elements make fire damage cleanup complicated and messy, requiring the help of a fire damage professional.

Swift Restoration and Cleaning provides comprehensive fire damage cleanup services in the Ogden area including fire restoration, soot and smoke removal, and water damage restoration. Fire damage does not end when the flames are extinguished, and it is crucial after a fire that cleanup begins as soon as possible, no more than 24 hours, to prevent additional damage from soot and smoke residues and water damage.

Secondary Smoke Damage Following a Fire

While the most obvious damage after a fire is the items burned and destroyed by heat and flames, smoke and soot residues can cause significant damage spread throughout the structure, even areas unaffected directly by fire damage. Hot smoke will migrate to cooler areas of a structure and often affect the upper levels of a home if a fire occurs downstairs.

Smoke can penetrate walls, HVAC systems, and plumbing and electrical systems to migrate and travel throughout the structure. Smoke can damage just about everything it comes into contact with—textiles, walls, carpeting, books, artwork, documents, electronics, machinery and other valuable property. A skilled fire damage technician will detect and neutralize smoke to prevent additional damage and remove smoke odors from the various materials.

Dealing with Water Damage after a Fire

If the fire department responded to your fire, chances are you have water damage in addition to fire and smoke damage. Water damage is secondary to fire damage, and left untreated could lead to mold damage and potential structural problems.

Comprehensive fire damage services include fire damage, water damage, and smoke damage restoration. Swift Restoration and Cleaning in Ogden will work to assess the damage, perform recovery, and clean and restore your property and belongings. It is essential to have an experienced restoration team to handle all aspects of your fire damage restoration.

How Fire Damage Affects Your Belongings

Different materials respond differently to heat, and a fire damage restoration professional should understand how certain materials react to heat and acidic smoke. Plastics can become permanently discolored, ceramics and metal materials can become etched, and clothing, upholstered furniture and carpeting will require special treatment to restore to their original condition.

Fire damage is a complex restoration, requiring quick action by knowledgeable fire damage restoration technicians you can trust to return your home back to normal. Swift Restoration and Cleaning will respond to your fire damage emergency 24/7 in the Ogden area, and our technicians have the training and experience necessary to restore your home and your belongings. Contact us today and do not hesitate to call us after a fire emergency.