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Do you have a Flooded Basement in Layton?

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Have you ever gone into your basement to get something and ended up finding it full of water? What do you do? How did the water get here? Is there going to be a lot of damage? How do you stop the problem? Don’t panic! Swift Restoration and Cleaning in Layton has a few tips on how you can effectively deal with water damage.

Call Swift Restoration

The first thing you will want to do when you discover a flooded basement is call the water damage experts right away.  Our certified professionals are available 24/7 and are ready to go when you contact us.

Although you won’t be waiting long, there are few things you can do before our water damage experts reach your location to stop more water damage from occurring.

Finding the problem

If the water was caused by a broken pipe or a leaky appliance, make sure you can stop the leak by shutting off the water supply. If it was run-off from water outside, see if you can stop the water from coming inside.

Turn off the power

If possible, turn off the power to your basement. Homeowners often fail to think about the possibilities of electrical accidents when their homes flood. If you cannot turn off your power without stepping in water contact your power company and ask them to turn the power off at the meter.

When the water damage restoration experts from Swift Restoration arrive they will assess the situation and put an action plan in place to remove all off the excess moisture in your basement. Swift Restoration has equipment to help extract the water efficiently so that your home can begin drying.

It is important to start the cleaning and restoration process as soon as the water is discovered. Damage to flooring and drywall can occur quickly and if left untreated mold will start to grow.

If you are ever faced with a situation similar to this, call Swift Restoration and Cleaning. They want to take care of all your restoration and cleaning needs in Layton.