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Dealing with Disaster Cleanup

disaster cleanup utahWhen a disaster event occurs to your home, you will emotional, stressed and overwhelmed by the situation. All of these responses are completely normal reactions to floods, fires, and any other natural disasters. This is why Swift Restoration in Utah can help take the stress and guesswork out the disaster cleanup process that will be a lifesaver for you and your family. Swift Restoration has some steps for you to follow to help prepare before and after a disaster has happened to you and your Utah property. While the individual process for a disaster cleanup always differs, there are crucial steps that are key to every cleanup effort that gets taken on.


You never know when a natural disaster may hit your home, that’s why you always need to be prepared for them. Many victims who have been in a natural disaster say that wish they would have developed a plan before the disaster occurred.  Whether you are storing food, setting aside emergency money, extra water, evacuation plan, and CPR. Following these tips could help make going through a disaster easier.

Food and Water

The last place you want to be during the middle of a natural disaster and be stuck inside your home with no food or water. A great rule to follow is that you should have enough nonperishable food stored for up to at least three days. Also, if the power does go out for more than two hours, food inside your refrigerator will start to spoil. You should store one gallon per person per day, this will be enough water for drinking, cooking, and bathing when in an emergency.


When in an emergency, first responders might no make it to your home immediately if there is an emergency. It is very important to be well-versed in saving lives. Basic CPR and First Aid training can become very vital during a disaster.

Evaluate the Condition

In order to get an understanding of what needs to be done to your home for a disaster cleanup after the event has occurred, a professional will need to survey your area to develop an understanding of how extreme the damage is. Once it is surveyed, we can then develop a plan of action that will make sure your disaster cleanup efforts are done smoothly from start to finish. Whether these conditions include cabinet restoration, countertop restoration, carpentry, roof repairs, painting, and etc. Swift Restoration in Utah is your one stop restoration company to get your home repaired with ease.


While every disaster job is unique and different each time, our well-trained staff is adept at addressing every type is disaster cleanup needed. The basic procedures apply to every situation. We use specialized, disinfectants, cleaning agents, and top-of-the-line tools in the industry to help get your home back together. Our restoration team will rebuild your home as if it was heir own. With our team having many years of disaster cleanup experience in Utah, you will feel comfortable leaving the rebuild of your home in our caring hands. Swift Restoration and Cleaning’s goal is to get you back into your Utah property as quickly as possible while still maintaining expert craftsmanship to your property.