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Dealing With A Flood Damage: Before, During And After

flood damage ogden, flood damage restoration ogden, flood damage cleanup ogdenThere’s a lot to know about water damage; far more than can be covered in a single post! One important way of viewing flooding and water damage, however, is through a timeline. Each element of this timeline (before, during, and after) poses unique challenges and steps for preventing, mitigating, and cleaning up after a flood. Here are the key things you should know about this timeline from our water damage restoration experts at Swift Restoration in the Ogden area. 

Before The Flood

Have An Emergency Plan Already In Place

A flood can be an extremely stressful event. Having an emergency plan already established if your home floods is one of the best ways to mitigate this stress. Your plan doesn’t have to be incredibly intricate but at least figuring out a place you can go, what restoration company you would like to work with, and how you can remain safe during and other the flood is a good start. 

Move Valuables To Higher Ground

If you know a flood is imminent, moving valuables like electronics and important documents to higher ground is an important step. 

Use Sandbags To Stop Water From Entering Your Home

Sandbags are an effective means of keeping floodwater out of your home in the event of a flood. If you know that a flood is coming, you should purchase some sandbags and place them around the entry points to your home. 

During The Flood

Stay Plugged In To The News

Stay tuned in to what the local weather service is saying and follow direction from the government. This will help you know what to expect and how to keep safe.

Move To Higher Ground

Floodwater can be dangerous due to the speed of the water and the potential contamination it contains. Move to higher ground during a flood to ensure that you are not harmed by the floodwater. 

After The Flood

Remove Affected Items

Water damage is very time sensitive so it’s important that you remove all items affected by the flood as soon as possible so you can begin drying them out. 

Remove The Standing Floodwater

Removing the standing flood water left behind by the flood is another critically important step. The sooner you do this the better since the water will be absorbed into your home more and more the longer you wait. 

Dry Out Remaining Moisture

Last of all, removing the standing flood water isn’t enough. The moisture that was absorbed into your walls, carpet, furniture, and other possessions will continue to cause damage until it is removed. Do all you can to ensure that this moisture is removed as quickly as possible.

Call The Flood Damage Restoration Professionals In Ogden

When all is said and done, your best bet is to call the pros for help. This will ensure that the restoration process goes as smoothly as possible and that you stay safe in the process. We at Swift Restoration in Ogden are ready to help when you need flood damage restoration. We move fast – 24 hours a day.