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Reasons Why A Water Damage Repair Crew Is The Right Team To Call

It seems like no matter how many times you do it, there always seems to be dishes to do. You feel as though you should just cement your feet to the ground next to the sink because you wash them so often. Just when you think that it can not get any worse, you smell […]

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Flooding: The Damage That Continuously Causes Cleanup Issues

The initial effects of a flood can cause significant damage in your home. However, flooding is typically the most destructive when the floodwater is not quickly removed from your home. Thus, a flood can continue to bring about further damage and problems in your home long after the initial flood. To prevent this from happening, […]

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Mold And Structural Damage Can Cause Water Damage Repairs

When it comes to water damage repair, timing is key. There are a lot of other damages that occur as a result of prolonged water exposure in your Layton home, we are going to go over two major ones: mold growth and structural damage. Water Damage Repair In Layton Mold Growth Mold will begin growing […]

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Disaster Cleanup In Utah And How To Avoid Major Needs For The Experts

All across the country, states are getting hounded with severe winter weather and freezing temperatures. One of the leading culprits for disaster cleanup in Utah during cold weather is water damage is frozen pipes. When the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, standing water in pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it expands, putting excess […]

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Home Water Damage And Repairs From Ice Dams

Much of Utah is located in a desert climate. However, when it does rain, often the terrain contributes to flooding, deep freezes and winter water damage and repairs. The roofs that protect our homes from wind, rain and snow can actually cause another expensive problem — ice dams. Since they typically damage the attic area […]

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Flood Cleanup: How Does It Work?

Personally, when I hear the word “flood,” I picture an overflowing river or a heavy rainstorm that causes a flash flood. They are common enough. All it takes is one big rainstorm for water to build up and enter your home. You are most affected by these floods if you have a basement. These aren’t […]

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Safety Tips for Disaster Cleanup In Utah

There are many types of disasters, from both man made and natural causes. Two things that all disasters have in common is that the first priority is to survive them, and second, to then recover from them. If you have experienced a disaster, the disaster cleanup professionals at Swift Restore are here to help provide […]

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Repairing And Preparing For Water Damage

Fall in Utah is absolutely beautiful. With corn mazes, spook alleys, pumpkin spice everything, it is hard to not love this time of year. It is also a good time of year to perform some necessary maintenance around your home to prevent water damage repairs and prepare for winter. Water Damage Repair In Layton Inspect […]

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Categorizing Water To Handle Flood Damage Cleanup

Water damage is a brutal thing. It’s one of the number one most common incidental expenses of home owners. However, when someone says, “water damage,” that really can mean a variety of things. Perhaps it is a little bit of warping on the wall underneath a window that is not sealed properly. Perhaps it is […]

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Relying On Professional Disaster Cleanup Crews

With the recent pandemic, it seems like things could not get any worse. However, in Utah, things have gotten worse. Many fires have started, causing some serious damage. These disasters have caused a lot of stress, anguish, and frustration in the Utah area. In times like these, it is important to contact a disaster cleanup […]