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5 Tips for Choosing a Reputable Contractor for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Renovations OgdenWe live in a world of now. Often, now isn’t even soon enough – we want it done yesterday. So, when we decide to take the plunge on a home improvement project, we want it done immediately so we can enjoy the finished result, right? Not to mention, who has the time to deal with a months-long kitchen remodel?

Well … Swift Restoration and Remodeling has the answer with our one-week kitchen (and bathroom) remodels! We can do an estimate of the project in your Ogden home, and once we come up with a game plan, our friendly team will get to work creating the kitchen of your dreams. We will walk you through the process every step of the way, and guarantee the quality of our work will be the best of the best.

If you aren’t quite sold on choosing Swift for your kitchen remodel, here are five tips to help you choose the best remodeling contractor for your project.

  1. Get referrals. Word of mouth is a big way many contractors are able to grow in to big businesses in local communities. It is a tried and true marketing technique. So ask around at work, church, yoga class, etc. to see if anyone you know has experience with a local contractor – and what they have to say about them, good or bad.
  2. Interview several contractors. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to get a firm grasp on what a company stands for, and the quality of their work!
  3. Get written bids from every contractor you interview. Compare apples to apples – but remember to also consider the quality and reputation of the contractors you are interviewing. Sometimes, paying a little more for a service will guarantee higher workmanship, and it is wise to find elsewhere to cut costs.
  4. Do your homework. The Better Business Bureau’s website makes it easy to find if any contractors have had unresolved customer complaints. Likewise, take a gander at their social media pages – what are current and former customers saying? However, keep in mind someone just having a bad day might decide to go off on a contractor without good reason – and there are two sides to every story. If there is a contractor you like, but see a concerning comment or review somewhere, just ask them about it!
  5. Ask about permits. This is a big part of any major construction project, and contractors should never cut corners on permits. Ask any potential contractor how long it takes to get permits, the process, and the costs involved, even though the last part will probably be lumped into your total bill. Doing a home renovation project without the right permits can violate local ordinances and open you up to fines and a heap of trouble! Legitimate contractors are easily able to get the right permits from the right entities because they work with the organizations every single day. Trust us, allowing a contractor to cut corners on permits to save a few bucks is not worth it in the long run.

Our final tip for you, after giving you a wink and encouraging you to choose Swift Restoration and Remodeling, is to make sure you have some wiggle room in your budget. We can and are happy to work with any budget, but also know things come up – and you may change your mind as the project progresses. Having a little wiggle room in the budget will make the whole process more enjoyable whether or not you spend it.