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4 Quick Prep Steps before Your Next Professional Carpet Cleaning

Blue Carpet SmallYou’re getting your carpets cleaned! Well, that deserves a happy dance! Okay, maybe wait to do the dance until you can sink your bare feet into your luxurious, clean-as-a-whistle carpet. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to prep for Swift Restoration’s visit to your Ogden-area home!

  1. Make Room for Us!

This is pretty self-explanatory, but for starters make sure there is room for our truck or van in your driveway. We have equipment and hoses that will need an entry point, and the closer we can get to your home, the easier that will be.

Similarly, depending on the areas you’re scheduled to have clean, make sure there is a clear path from the door we’ll be entering from in to the area that will be cleaned. That might mean moving a few furniture items or items that may be breakable. We will obviously try our best to not disturb anything in your home, and will move things in our way, but if you are more comfortable handling those items by yourself then that is fine too.

  1. Dust & Declutter

Just like moving things before the carpet cleaners arrive isn’t necessarily a must, dusting and cleaning isn’t either. However, doing things like dusting the baseboards and cleaning out air vents will help keep your carpet cleaner, longer, once the cleaning is complete. Is that dirt and debris is left untouched, it could quickly wind up in the nearby carpet, meaning it may need to be cleaned again sooner than expected.

Also, it’s a good idea to declutter. You may have moved items in our way during step one, but don’t hesitate to relocate plants, tables, chairs, and other items too.

  1. Survey Your Carpet

Take a good look around. Do you see any trouble spots? Stains? Don’t hesitate to point them out! And while we should be able to figure out high-traffic areas, it doesn’t hurt to point those out as well since those will likely be more soiled than less-traveled sections. Pay special attention to areas hidden by furniture – perhaps behind the couch and under the beds. Are those areas going to need a little extra TLC?

  1. Have a D-Day Plan

Are you going to stay at the home while we clean? Do you have small children who might get in the way? What about pets? These are all things to consider before the day your carpet is cleaned. If you plan to stay home, great! We will do our best to not disturb you. If your pets will be around, that’s great too – just make sure they have a place to go where they will feel safe when a whole bunch of equipment, sometimes loud, invades their territory.

After the carpet cleaners leave your house, be sure to follow their post-care instructions to be sure the look and feel of your clean carpet lasts. That may mean keeping yourself, children, and pets out of the cleaned areas for a few hours while the drying finishes.

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